What are the rules of sports and fitness?

The body needs a good exercise, so that not only can maintain their body, but also maintain a healthy body. The autumn season is high, is the golden season of exercise, but autumn exercise also need to pay more attention to the correct exercise to maintain health, do the wrong instead of hurting the body Oh!

The body needs to be well exercised, so that not only can maintain their body, but also maintain a healthy body. Autumn is high, is the golden season of exercise, but autumn exercise should be more careful, the correct exercise to maintain health, do the wrong instead of hurting the body Oh!

Morning exercise should not be on the roadside

Autumn jogging in the shady avenue, breathing fresh air is conducive to human health. But now in the city, more and more roads with traffic, many people in order to save time, jogging on the side of the road to exercise, in fact, this is very unhealthy. Because of the dry climate in autumn, the dust is easy to fly up, so that the air is polluted, running on the side of the road, lung capacity increases, will inhale more dust and car emissions of harmful gases. It invariably increases the damage to the body. So the best choice for morning running and exercise in the park and other quiet and clean places, and not in the roadside jogging.

Do not exercise when you are in a depressed mood

After autumn, the temperature changes easily to the psychological and physiological impact of a certain. Some people often inexplicably feel bitterness and sadness, fatigue and irritability, energy loss. Experts remind, depressed, depressed when fitness, the light will increase the burden on the organs, the heavy will damage the function of the body, so exercise is best done when the spirit is full.

Aerobic exercise is the main

The weather slowly turns cold in autumn, the burst of anaerobic exercise easily cause discomfort, and even cause sports damage, so the fitness must choose the action amplitude is small, calorie consumption of aerobic exercise. In the details of the project, according to age differences and different: young people, you can arrange running and other high-impact aerobic exercise, which can consume more calories; middle-aged people can arrange brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing and other low-impact aerobic exercise; the elderly can arrange walking, yoga, taijiquan and other projects.

Dressing for sports is important

Autumn morning temperature is low, do not wear a single coat to outdoor activities, should be based on the outdoor temperature changes to increase or decrease clothing. Exercise should not take off too much at once, should wait for the body to heat up, before taking off too much clothing. Do not wear sweaty clothes in the cold wind after exercise to prevent the body from catching cold.

Exercise choose a good time

First of all, the timing is very different, and people of all ages should choose the time period for their activities according to their physical condition. Young people due to the body’s ability to adapt to the weather is stronger, better physical fitness, fast recovery, fall fitness time can be arranged in the morning and afternoon; middle-aged people’s ability to adapt is slightly poor, can be after work, 18:00 – 20:00 physical and mental relaxation time to exercise; elderly fitness time should generally be selected at 14:00 – 19:00. They are poorer, choose the highest temperature, sunlight time for fitness, more easily activity open, thus avoiding physical damage.

Do a good warm-up exercise

For any kind of exercise, preparatory activities are necessary, because the human muscles and ligaments in the lower temperatures in autumn will reflexively cause vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, reduced range of motion of the joints, ligament stretching, the ability of the nervous system to direct the muscles in the absence of preparatory activities will also be reduced, exercise before if not adequately prepared activities, will cause joint ligament strains, muscle strains, etc. Muscle strains, etc., seriously affect the daily life, exercise has become an injury.

Control the amount of exercise

The excitability of the human nervous system increases in autumn, and physiological functions tend to be active and strengthened. In this season, people are prone to excessive exercise, resulting in excessive fatigue, affecting work and health, but also easy to cause sports injuries. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people should master the exercise time and exercise intensity, do not exceed the load of the body. Generally speaking, middle-aged and elderly people should not exceed 1.5 hours of exercise each time. When exercising, you should feel that your body is a little hot and sweaty, and you should feel relaxed and comfortable after exercising, which is the moderate standard.

Prevent autumn dryness after exercise

After exercise, also drink more boiled water, eat more sugar cane, pears, apples, sesame seeds, fresh vegetables and other soft food to maintain the normal secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa and prevent sore throat. If you sweat too much during exercise, you can add a small amount of salt to the boiling water to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance and prevent muscle cramps, supplemented by a small amount, many times, slow drinking as a guideline. In addition, such as long-distance running exercise, but also drink the right amount of sugar water to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating, limb weakness and other adverse physiological reactions.

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