Can I lose weight during menstruation? What are the precautions?

Weight loss requires long-term persistence, and for women, some women have blood clots when they have their periods, some have menstrual cramps, and some women show some negative emotions of boredom when they have their periods. Menstruation is a very special time, and some women may ask, if they are losing weight in the next few months, can they lose weight normally during menstruation?

First of all, you can actually lose weight when you have your period, but you can’t use extreme methods to lose weight, and you have to exercise properly and not strain your body too much, otherwise the effect of weight loss will be counterproductive.

In addition, when menstruation weight loss is necessary to pay attention to the details, such as what to eat will have better results, what small methods to use to be effective, these should be concerned about.

I present to you some ways to lose weight during menstruation, about exercise, about diet, and some other tips, and some precautions, perhaps you are losing weight, just in time to use.

Some weight loss exercises are best not to do during menstruation?

The body is already tired from menstruation, if you do some strenuous exercise at this time, it will have a negative impact on the body, such as climbing, swimming, cycling, these exercises will be left to do after the menstruation. Doing some simple exercises with low intensity during menstruation can also burn calories and achieve the purpose of weight loss, such as brisk walking and strolling.

Choose the right food for weight loss?

The endocrine secretion of women during menstruation is relatively special, if this time to eat some high-fiber food, then the thin abdomen is very good help, such as green vegetables, fruits, and some whole wheat bread or brown rice, these can help to lose weight, these high-fiber food can increase the content of magnesium in the blood, the menstruation is also helpful, but no matter what to eat, the best one-time moderate amount is good, not too much. You can’t eat too much.

What should be avoided?

If you are losing weight during your period, you should not eat high-calorie food and food with high sugar content, because it will affect your blood sugar and endocrine disruption, and you may have mood swings due to your period, so you should not eat these foods.

Keep a good mood?

During the menstrual period, many people feel that they are not in a good mood, so it is important to pay attention to maintaining a good mood. Of course, if you like to go shopping, you can also walk to go shopping, which can consume calories and can also relieve the mood.

Eat less and more meals?

Many women like to eat some sweets when they have their period, in fact, eating sweets can only relieve the mood, not the discomfort of menstruation, if you feel uncomfortable best often massage their belly. People who want to lose weight should be careful not to eat too much at each meal, eat to six or seven minutes full on it.

Weight loss is a process, it is possible to lose weight when you have your period, but you must pay attention to the details, and not eat too many high-calorie things, pay attention to the quality of sleep at night, and practice some yoga can help lose weight.

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