Fit buttocks? There is also the possibility of anterior pelvic tilt

When it comes to a fit and attractive body, people often think of girls with a curvy body. This is especially true in Brazil, where they care more about their buttocks than their faces and breasts. Nowadays, more and more girls are pursuing hip curves and taking pride in having a curvy body, but the truth about a “good body” is not always healthy, and the doctor may well tell her: your pelvis is tilted forward. We want to be beautiful and healthy at the same time, next we talk about the pelvic tilt of those things.

Take a test to see if your pelvis has shifted

Anterior pelvic tilt is a pathological phenomenon in which the pelvis is shifted, and the correct pelvic position is tilted forward by a certain angle. The most obvious symptom of anterior pelvic tilt is the convexity of the hips and the convexity of the abdomen.

In fact, the essence of anterior pelvic tilt is the muscle strength imbalance caused by! In other words, the abdominal muscles and hip muscles are too weak, while the lumbar muscles and hip muscles (iliopsoas) are too tight.

How can I test myself to see if I have anterior pelvic tilt? Find a flat wall, put your hips and back against the wall, then make your hand into a fist and tuck it into the space between the lumbar spine and the wall. Judgment: The correct lumbar spine curve should allow the fist to just fill the space between the lumbar spine and the wall. If there is still some space between the lumbar spine and the wall, it means that your pelvis may be tilted forward; conversely, people with a posterior pelvis will not be able to stuff their fists into this gap.

“False buttocks” let shoulder and neck pain, constipation to the door

The pelvis tilted forward for a long time, not only affects the aesthetics, serious will also increase the burden on the back and neck, not only cause shoulder and neck pain and other problems, and even affect the other skeletal muscles. In addition, the pelvis deformation will “involve” the pelvic organs and reproductive organs.

The tilt of the pelvis distorts the original shape of the uterus, ovaries and intestines, so that the flow of body fluids is impeded or even partially lost. For example, the function of intestinal peristalsis will be correspondingly weakened, and chronic constipation is mostly related to this. Due to the tilt of the pelvis, the blood vessels are compressed, preventing the normal circulation of warm blood.

In addition, the muscles that produce and emit heat under normal working conditions are stretched due to the deformation of the bones, and then the muscles are strained to restore their original state, which causes chronic fatigue. When the muscles are tense and stiff, the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid will be poor, and the body will be in a state of chill and chilliness will worsen.

How did the good pelvis tilt forward?

Most of the anterior pelvic tilt is caused by long-term wrong posture. For example: when sitting like stilted legs, can imagine stilted legs on both sides of the hip joint is a high and a low state, resulting in the pelvis deviated from the original position caused by tilting forward, serious cases and even lumbar spine and spine will be deformed.

Standing posture is often incorrect, standing for too long, a long time to put the gravity on one leg, resulting in changes in the local blood flow rate, causing the pelvis to tilt forward. There are also walking inside and outside the eight, will affect the bones of the legs, resulting in leg deformation X-leg O-leg, however, the legs are connected to the pelvis, the pelvis will naturally be implicated thus leading to pelvic tilt.

There are many women who love to wear high heels to increase the curves of the body, elongate the lines of the legs, and even wear the kind of shoes with particularly high. I do not know, often stepping on the 10cm “high” is also bad for the pelvis. Wearing high heels for a long time, it is easy to make the body habitually lean forward, and the higher the consequences, the more serious. The high heel even presses the nerves in the legs, not only affects the body’s blood circulation, but also causes tremendous pressure on the waist, resulting in muscle strength imbalance, causing the pelvis to tilt forward.

Not only that, women’s pregnancy can also cause anterior pelvic tilt. Women’s weight increases after pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen also gradually grows, which will force pregnant women to find a balance again, in order to find a balance, pregnant women tend to hold a large belly back to lean back, causing the pelvis to tilt forward. In addition, incorrect exercise will also increase the pressure on the pelvis, causing the pelvis to tilt forward.

Four sets of small gymnastics to help reset the pelvis

Already have anterior pelvic tilt can still be saved? Don’t worry, through specific movement exercises can be corrected. These movements can make too much tension in the hip muscles (iliopsoas muscle), lumbar muscles relaxation. At the same time, the strength of the abdominal muscles and hip muscles, which are relatively loose and weak, can be activated and strengthened. Let’s learn it quickly.

Relax the iliopsoas muscle – lunge stretch

Method: Bend your right foot forward in a big lunge and knee on the mat, put your left knee on the mat, keep your weight in front, keep your upper body straight, feel the stretch of the iliopsoas muscle in front of the hip, alternate between left and right movements.

Relax the erector spinae muscle – kneeling stretch

Method: Sit with your hips on your heels, stretch your hands forward, press your whole body down, stretch your back as far as possible, and keep your head on the bed.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles – curl movement

Method: hands around or straight, upper limbs raised and thighs in a “V”. A curl is not the same as a sit-up, a curl only requires lifting the body to about 45 degrees from the floor. Going further up will lead to excessive involvement of the iliopsoas muscles instead, leading to more tension in the iliopsoas muscles that should be relaxed.

Strengthen the hip muscles – hip bridge training

Method: As the name implies is to rely on the power of the hips to hold the body up in a bridge shape, lying on the yoga mat, hips up, shoulders, hips, knees three points a line, back and hips to keep straight.

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