What moisturizing blind spots are easy to forget when skincare and how to keep skin well hydrated?

Daily skin care for sophisticated women can be said to be something that is done every day, the formation of this habit requires self-discipline, but also the right approach. Skin care work we should pay attention to in the daily, but also need to actively do a good job of care, so as to keep the skin hydrated. After entering the autumn and winter, the skin will undergo a change of season, this time to pay attention to prevent the emergence of peeling dry and other problems. So, what are the blind spots that are easy to forget when it comes to skin care? How to make the skin drink water? Here’s a look at it together.

It is easy to forget which moisturizing blind spots when skincare

The blind spot of moisturizing a: eyebrow

Dryness symptoms: peeling skin

In the daily application of cream, usually avoid the location around the eyes, so as not to cream too moist lead to eye skin long grease particles, but this way it is easy to the eyebrows and eyebrows to ignore Oh, in fact, they also need to take care of Oh, especially the eyebrows, you can repeat the application several times Oh.

Moisturizing blind spot two: behind the ear

Dryness symptoms: tightness

As this part of the skin is very sensitive, usually in the trial of cosmetics or skin care products, most of them are chosen this location to test the degree of sensitivity, so it is easy to dry and tighten the skin of the face, thus producing discomfort. After the daily maintenance of the face, apply some moisturizer around the ears and massage gently with both hands, not only to the ear skin moisturizing and moisturizing, but also to soothe the nerves.

Moisturizing blind spot three: nose

Dryness symptoms: peeling, redness, itching

The most dense and vigorous part of the entire body sebaceous glands is definitely the nose, even if it is dry skin this part will also secrete oil. But if it is autumn and winter, but because of the care transition, will lead to the occurrence of dry oh. In fact, you should reduce the number of nasal mask care, if you feel too much oil on a separate application than the face applied to the maintenance cream more refreshing texture of the product.

Moisturizing blind spot four: eye corners

Dryness symptoms: wrinkles

The skin under the eyes is very thin, so it can be said that it is weak, so it is easy to be affected by the environment and lead to dryness and wrinkles. The best way to take care of your eye skin is to choose the right eye cream, then massage it with your ring finger and do an eye mask once a week.

Crow’s feet TIPS: want to remove the crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, you must keep a happy mood, not worry worry, so you can avoid excessive frowning and crying and produce crow’s feet Oh. The second is to correct the bad habits in the daily, such as squinting to read, lying down to read, rubbing eyes with dirty hands and so on, which is not only detrimental to the health of the eyes, and will easily appear wrinkles oh. Once again, you can DIY eye mask Oh, the milk, honey, equal parts into a paste, in the corner of the eye wrinkles, and then massage about 5 minutes, stay about 30 minutes to wash away, so adhere to once a night, crow’s feet quietly with you say bye.

Moisturizing blind spot five: neck

Dryness symptoms: roughness

This part is the link between the face and the body, in addition to winter, it will be exposed for a long time, so it is easy for others to see oh. In terms of care, you can use a special neck cream, with the bottom-up massage direction massage neck, which can effectively avoid the skin sagging and horizontal lines of the production. In addition, because the neck skin quality hail poor elasticity, massage action must be gentle, moderate strength, otherwise it will play a counterproductive role.

Moisturizing blind spot six: elbow and knee joints

Dryness symptoms: cracking

This part is also in addition to the cold weather need to wear long sleeves or long pants thought, daily are exposed to the outside, often active. In the care of these locations actually only need to choose a good quality body lotion, repeatedly several times to apply plus a gentle massage, will be able to strengthen the penetration of nutrients Oh. In addition, try not to use soap or medicinal soap to clean these parts, because the oil on the surface of the skin has a protective effect, the washing ability of these detergents is too thorough, will lead to dryness and cracking. There are also in the clean immediately after drying, and apply a good moisturizing milk, oil-based moisturizing cream a lot, the hospital production of vitamin E cream, petroleum jelly, glycerin, etc. have the role of preventing chapped oh.

Moisturizing blind spot seven: hands

Dryness symptoms: cracking

The hands, we will use every day, regardless of cold water hot water we will be in contact with, and often do the most, clean the most, so the most prone to dry, and even chapped oh. Daily in the clean hands, to need to apply hand cream oh, if the hands began to crack the skin it, you need to use a higher amount of oil hand cream. You can do a simple hand mask for your hand skin everyday, just wear cotton gloves to sleep after applying hand cream at night, and you will find that the skin of your hand will be very smooth the next day.

How to keep your skin well hydrated

Eat more fruits and vegetables to replenish water

If you want your skin to be hydrated, you need to have fruits and vegetables to moisturize it. Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, grapes, cherries, apples, bananas, melons, etc. on a daily rotating basis, which can fully replenish the skin with sufficient amount of water and fully moisturize it.

Life should be regular

Long time tension, depression, emotional instability, etc., these will directly cause the body’s blood circulation bad situation, resulting in nutrients can not be completely absorbed by it, resulting in the face of the skin pale, yellow and black, no luster and wrinkles deepen, etc., then develop a regular life is very critical to ensure adequate sleep time is a necessary condition for beauty.

Keep your skin clean

The face residue of various cosmetics which is easy to cause damage to the face, and the best way to clean a lot, we can not be lazy Oh! Every day after work to go home a thing is timely clean skin, in the dry season, the use of cleanser is best to soft cleanser is better, choose the lotion cleanser.

Before going to bed skin to moisturize

To take care of your skin, you must ensure that the daily skin care steps are taken every day, and you can’t be ambiguous at night! Before going to bed, you must do a good job of complete moisturizing measures Oh! In fact, this is because the use of moisturizing creams during the day is easy to make cosmetics fall off, and at night do not need to worry about this problem, so before going to sleep must not be missing these steps Oh!

Drink a small glass of water before going to bed

The night is a good time to hydrate your skin, drink a small cup of warm water at night before going to bed, and then sleep beautifully, to ensure that you wake up with a watery skin. However, it is worth noting that only a small glass of water, do not drink too much Oh, too much water before bed will lead to facial edema, and the loss of the effect of emolliency Oh.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we have a new understanding of these issues, for the skin problems we should pay attention to do a good job of care, do a good job of timely moisturizing can avoid harm. Moisturizing work for skin care is a must for sure. As long as the moisturizing work well, I believe that many skin problems can be solved. The text and everyone introduced these, I hope to help you.

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