What are the common signs and symptoms of hypertension?

The arrival of hypertension disease seems to catch people off guard, in fact, as long as we all learn more about the common manifestations of the symptoms of hypertension, for the prevention and timely treatment of hypertension have a great role, hypertension is not so terrible. Now let’s learn it together!

First, the symptoms of hypertension is reflected in the psychological, life, after suffering from hypertension, many patients’ temperament will become very irritable, and sometimes become quite sensitive and easily excited, in general, the psychological symptoms of hypertension, palpitations, insomnia is more common, insomnia is more people sleep difficult or wake up too early, sleep is not solid, easy to have nightmares, easy to wake up, this symptom of hypertension and cerebral cortex This symptom of hypertension is related to the dysfunction of cerebral cortex and dysfunction of plant nerves.

Secondly, the symptoms of hypertension are memory loss, the symptoms of hypertension are not obvious in the early stage, but with the development of the disease, the symptoms of hypertension usually become very serious, the symptoms of hypertension are mainly manifested as easy to distract, recent memory loss, it is difficult to remember the recent things, but the past things such as childhood can be remembered deeply.

Third, headache is one of the symptoms of hypertension, in life, many patients with hypertension will appear headache phenomenon, this common symptom of hypertension, most of the performance of persistent dull pain, pulsating pain, or even a sharp pain like frying, the appearance of hypertension often occurs in the morning when waking up, get up activities and meals will gradually reduce.

Through the three common manifestations of hypertension symptoms introduced above, I believe you have learned a lot.

When we encounter a sudden onset of hypertension, what should we do? First of all, we should accurately determine that this is sudden hypertension, and then use some hypertension first aid method to treat, which must require us to master some hypertension emergency first aid method, let us take a look at these methods below.

1, the patient suddenly palpitated shortness of breath, sitting breathing state, lips cyanosis, limb movement failure, with pink foamy sputum, to consider acute left heart failure, the patient should be instructed to legs down, take a sitting position, such as the availability of oxygen bags, timely inhalation of oxygen, and quickly notify the emergency center.

2, blood pressure suddenly rises, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, severe headache, panic, frequent urination, and even blurred vision, that is, hypertensive encephalopathy has appeared. Family members should reassure the patient to take it easy, rest in bed, and take antihypertensive drugs in time, and also take diuretics, sedatives, etc.

3, the patient after exertion or excitement, angina, or even myocardial infarction or acute heart failure, pain in the precordial region, chest tightness, and extended to the neck, left shoulder back or upper limbs, pale, cold sweat, then the patient should be told to rest quietly, take a nitroglycerin or a amyl nitrite, and inhale oxygen.

4, the onset of hypertension patients, will be accompanied by cerebrovascular accidents, in addition to headache, vomiting, and even impaired consciousness or limb paralysis, at this time, the patient should be lying down, head to the side to avoid impaired consciousness, or violent vomiting will vomit into the airway, and then notify the emergency center.

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