What are the obvious signs of chronic nephritis?

What are all the manifestations of chronic nephritis? The occurrence of kidney disease in life requires vigilance, now because of a variety of reasons, so that such diseases are on the rise. Once it happens, the treatment is also very complicated and the treatment period is also very long. These are aggravated by the lack of understanding of the symptoms of the disease. So next, let’s get to know the symptoms of the disease.

First, the body swelling. The parts that occur are mainly the face, eyelids and limbs. This is the most obvious early symptom of nephritis, and body swelling will always appear throughout the treatment of kidney disease. The former is only noticeable edema in the cheeks and eyes in the morning, and also in the ankles during the midday break. The latter is more serious, the whole body may appear swelling phenomenon, when this phenomenon occurs, should not delay immediately to the hospital for targeted diagnosis, early diagnosis of the disease.

Second, the symptoms of hypertension. Kidney lesions, can not be produced waste out of the body, when the kidneys will produce some of the substances that contribute to the increase in blood pressure, clinically 90% of kidney disease patients will have hypertension, elevated blood pressure will give the kidneys into a great impact, the higher the blood pressure, the greater the harm to kidney disease, generally a moderate increase in blood pressure, about 180 ~ 150120 ~ 90 mm Hg; this point on need to be special for our nephritis patients, in general nephritis and hypertension do not have a direct causal relationship, these two diseases do not affect each other. However, once the condition of nephritis patients deteriorates into renal failure or uremia, the phenomenon of hypertension will follow and become uncontrollable.

Third, the urine volume is significantly reduced. This point should also be paid special attention to! In general, the condition of acute nephritis will appear obvious reduction in urine volume and the color of urine is darker and darker (may be accompanied by swelling phenomenon), a few patients will appear anuric phenomenon! There is also a more serious case of individual nephritis patients will appear blood in the urine (blood in the urine, urine is thick tea-colored) phenomenon, this serious symptoms will last for several days or even weeks.

Fourth, the phenomenon of foam in the urine. This is a problem that many nephritis patients are most likely to ignore and do not pay special attention to. The increase of foam in the urine means that the urine protein has increased and the body is losing a lot of protein. The reason for the loss of protein is that the kidneys are damaged and cannot wash their hands well, and when the kidneys and ureters become impaired, they will leak a lot of protein into proteinuria.

Fifth, there is a history of streptococcal infection. Such as influenza, acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, gum abscess, scarlet fever, chicken pox, measles, skin abscesses and other diseases 7-20 weeks after the cure of routine urine follow-up examination, can be early detection of signs of nephritis. This point may be largely ignored by us, which requires us to pay more attention and.

The most important thing in the face of disease is to understand its symptoms, so that you can promptly understand some occurrences of the disease, need to be controlled in a timely manner to prevent the aggravation of the disease. But in the face of many kinds of diseases in life you better pay attention to prevention, reasonable preventive measures is very critical.

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