What are the symptoms of UTI?

What symptoms are the manifestations of uremia? In life many people are very panic about the occurrence of diseases, especially the emergence of kidney disease, causing death is very likely to occur. The occurrence of such a disease is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the disease. Then face the occurrence of such a situation, what are the general manifestations of it?

It has been found that although the onset and development of uremia has a longer process of gradual aggravation, as long as you recognize the early symptoms of uremia and go to the hospital to check urine and blood, you will be able to know the condition in detail. How to detect UTI early? What are the signs and symptoms of UTI?

There are several signs of uremia in the early stages.

A. Sleepiness and weakness. This may be one of the earliest signs of uremia, but it is most likely to be overlooked, because there are indeed too many reasons for sleepiness and weakness. Many people who are “fighting hard” in their careers, they mostly blame it on work tension and strain. If the symptoms improve with a little rest, they are more likely to be ignored.

Second, the face is yellow. This is due to anemia, because the onset and development of this sign is very slow, so in a not too short period of time will not appear obvious “contrast”, as people meet in the morning and evening difficult to find a variety of slow development of changes.

Third, swelling. This is a relatively easy to perceive phenomenon. It is caused by the kidneys’ inability to remove excess water from the body, resulting in fluid retention in the interstices of the body tissues.

Fourth, the amount of urine changes. Due to the decline of renal filtration function, some patients will gradually reduce the volume of urine as the disease progresses. It has been found that even if the urine volume is normal, due to the reduction of toxins eliminated in the urine, the quality of the urine decreases, and can not excrete excessive waste products from the body, so to a certain extent the urine volume does not fully explain the good or bad function of your kidneys.

Diet for uremic patients

Uremic patients should be moderate in their diet, listen to the advice of doctors, patients are totally wrong, easy to form chronic kidney disease, but uremic patients should not be too blind, so as not to cause an imbalance of nutrients in the body. Patients should try to avoid excessive acid intake, exacerbating the acidic body. Generally speaking, people do not pay attention to the acidity and alkalinity of food when eating, and the acid-base balance has a very important role in the treatment of kidney disease. For patients in the treatment of kidney, the diet should be rich in plant organic active alkali foods, eat less meat and more vegetables.

In addition, patients with uremia should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, generally do not have too much psychological pressure, treat the disease correctly and cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Excessive stress often leads to the deposition of acid in patients and affects the normal conduct of metabolism. Proper regulation of mood and their own stress can maintain a weak alkaline body, thus preventing the occurrence of kidney disease. Proper exercise, more exercise in the sun more sweat, which can help patients eliminate excess acid in the body, so as to carry out the prevention of nephropathy. Of course, we should also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, not too strenuous.

It is common for us to face the disease, especially after the appearance of the disease, which will affect all aspects of the body. Therefore, it is best to face such disease situations on the basis of understanding the disease.

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