Why do you get blood cancer? 5 major causes are very common

How is blood cancer a disease? Doctors point out that blood cancer is actually leukemia, and the risk of this disease is getting higher and higher, so health experts remind us that blood cancer must not be ignored. Health experts point out that it mostly occurs in children, so do you know why they can get blood cancer? Do you know why they get blood cancer? What are the early symptoms of blood cancer patients and what are the healthy dishes for blood cancer patients to eat?
Why do you get blood cancer?

1. In our daily life, inhaling a lot of harmful substances in a polluted environment for a long time will also cause adverse changes to blood. What’s more, the hair dyes often used by girls contain toxic substances, which can enter the body through the skin, which can easily cause DNA damage and cell mutation. There are also hair dye, decoration, gasoline, insecticide are all factors that can cause blood abnormalities.

2. As we all know, many newlywed couples buy new houses, and the new houses after renovation contain a lot of formaldehyde, which has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a class of carcinogenic substances. Blood cancer is also known as blood cancer, and children themselves are weak, a little infection with a little formaldehyde pollution will have damage to brain cells, hematopoietic cells liver and so on.

So, this is one of the causes of blood cancer in children. Therefore, don’t use unqualified decoration products, such as poor quality paints and coatings during the renovation process. Don’t be in a hurry to move into the new home immediately, but wait for all the formaldehyde to dissipate, and measure the benzene content in different places of the room before moving in if possible, and only after passing.

3. Some children inherit mutated genes from their parents, which may increase the risk of blood cancer. That means certain genetic diseases can increase the risk of blood cancer, for example, Down syndrome can increase the risk by 2% to 3%. However, most childhood blood cancers are not associated with any known genetic cause. Usually, DNA mutations associated with blood cancers occur after conception rather than being inherited.

4.Some children’s parents work in an environment where they are often exposed to radioactive substances, and after such people conceive, their children are prone to blood cancers.

5.Snacks are something that every child likes to eat, but nowadays, many snacks do not go through strict quality testing and enter the market directly. If children eat contaminated snacks with harmful chemicals, they are very likely to get blood cancer. Therefore, parents must care about their children’s health and let them eat less snacks, and even if they want to eat, they should eat good quality ones.

Early symptoms of blood cancer

Enlarged lymph nodes.

It is very likely to be acute lymph node blood cancer. It must be noted that swollen lymph nodes appear on children for no reason because too many immature white blood cells will also infiltrate into other body tissues and may cause the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes.


Because of the difficulty in wound healing due to low platelet count, the skin is prone to bruising and spot bleeding, and in some cases, internal bleeding and even intracranial bleeding, which can often cause death in affected children.


Because fewer red blood cells lead to less nutrients for all parts of the body, people will have symptoms of easy fatigue and anemia. Parents must not ignore it!


Cancer affects the body’s immune system, which activates the body’s immune system to fight infection and makes the patient weak, thus showing signs of fever. The American Cancer Society has identified fever as one of the most important symptoms of cancer, which should not be ignored.

Other symptoms include bone pain and joint pain, swollen and bleeding gums, enlarged liver and spleen, headache and vomiting, hard lumps on the skin, pericardial or cribriform fluid, headache, vomiting, blurred vision, etc. If many symptoms appear at the same time, you must go to the hospital for a complete examination.

What is suitable to eat for blood cancer


Ginseng contains a lot of nutrients, which can be used for deficiency of lung energy, shortness of breath, lack of energy, and weakness of body. It can also be used to relieve the effects of leukopenia, which is characterized by qi deficiency and yang deficiency, coldness and weakness, and shortness of breath.

2, peanut rice

Peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and does not contain cholesterol, usually often eat peanuts can help clean blood vessels. Nowadays, scientific research shows that peanuts can boost white blood cells, especially for tumor patients due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy-induced leukopenia and certain curative effects.

3, dates

Most people know that jujube is actually a very good tonic, consume this party then benefit essence and blood, spleen and stomach, leukopenia patients, can be eaten. For tumor patients after chemotherapy or radiation therapy caused by leukopenia, folk are accustomed to use red dates with adzuki beans, glutinous rice porridge to eat.

4, party ginseng

It is often used by people who are deficient in qi. It is often used by people with qi deficiency. It can increase the white blood cell drop caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

What is forbidden to eat for blood cancer

1,Cold and cold food, such as cold food, cold vegetables, raw melon and raw fruit. If edema is found, excessive consumption of salt should be avoided. And diabetic patients should not eat sugar.

2, indigestible food, such as fried, deep-fried meat and bacon, dried fish, rice cakes, leeks, etc.

3, hot food, such as mutton, dog, donkey, horse, venison, etc.

4,Spicy and other stimulating foods, such as chili, raw onion, raw garlic, ginger and alcohol.

Patients with blood cancer should also pay attention to avoid drinking strong tea when they have insomnia, and avoid having too much dinner.

Why do you get blood cancer? The above health experts have analyzed the causes of blood cancer, and the common cause is the excessive formaldehyde in the home, in addition, patients with blood cancer should eat more ginseng, jujube and ginseng, which can not only replenish the nutrients in time, but also relieve the symptoms of leukopenia.

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