What is the cause of children grinding their teeth in bed? What are the solutions?

Some children may grind their teeth after they fall asleep. The reason for this phenomenon may be a new problem in the child’s digestive system, a lack of vitamins, or excessive mental stress, and parents should also pay attention to whether the child’s sleep position is improper when taking care of the child. After eliminating these causes, it may also be caused by parasites in the intestinal tract.

The five main reasons and solutions for children grinding their teeth in bed

1, digestive system problems

Tooth grinding in bed is a common phenomenon, but the cause is different for different individuals. Sometimes children go to sleep before bedtime, or eat too much at night, when the gastrointestinal tract has not been digested, this time the gastrointestinal tract is still accumulating undigested food, so that the entire digestive system has to work “overtime” at night, and even the chewing muscles involuntarily contracted, causing teeth grinding.

Solution: Parents are advised to pay proper attention to the child’s diet, especially the diet before bedtime, it is recommended not to let the child eat too much, as much as possible in the evening to light, moderate feeding, do not overfeed, do not let the child eat before bedtime.

2,Lack of vitamins

What is the reason for children grinding their teeth in bed? To avoid being caused by a lack of vitamins, it is recommended to take your child to the hospital for a trace element check. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to juvenile rickets and chondromalacia in adults. Rickets mostly occurs in infants and children and manifests itself mainly in neuropsychiatric symptoms and skeletal changes. Neuropsychiatric symptoms are characterized by excessive sweating, night terrors, and irritability. The changes in bones are related to age, growth rate and the degree of vitamin D deficiency. Softening of Lu bone and rib beading may occur. Osteochondrosis occurs mostly in adults, mostly in women with multiple pregnancies and in frail elderly people. The most common symptoms are bone pain, muscle weakness and bone pressure pain. Children with vitamin D deficiency can suffer from bone decalcification, muscle pain and vegetative disorders due to disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, and often suffer from excessive sweating, night terrors, irritability and grinding of teeth in bed.

Solution: Give your baby vitamin D supplements under the guidance of your doctor, and usually get more sunlight.

3, excessive mental tension

Some children have a sensitive personality, and after encountering some things in life, they will generate a lot of psychological pressure themselves. In the daytime to be frightened, or the pressure of learning at school, or parental blame, feel depressed, anxious, or watch a thrilling and exciting television, playing video games, the night is also easy to appear grinding teeth.

Solution: Try to avoid too much stimulation of the child, do not let the child too much at home to watch hit-and-miss TV, try to create a comfortable environment for the child to spend.

4, bad sleep position

When the child sleeps, it is recommended to let the child develop a sleeping position on the left side, which can properly avoid the situation of grinding teeth in bed. What is the reason for children grinding their teeth in bed? If the child sleeps with the head often to one side, it will cause the chewing muscles to be uncoordinated, so that the side of the chewing muscles under pressure will be abnormally contracted, and thus teeth grinding and drooling will occur.

Solution: If you find that your baby is sleeping in a bad position, help him to adjust it in time.

5, intestinal parasites

If there are parasites inside the child’s intestinal tract, you also need to pay proper attention to the sleep grinding teeth is this kind of worms at work. What is the cause of children grinding their teeth in bed? The roundworm parasites inside the small intestine not only snatch nutrients with the baby, but also stimulate the baby’s intestinal wall, secrete toxins and cause indigestion in babies. The frequent vague pain in the baby’s stomach can cause irritability, anorexia and grinding of teeth in bed. In addition, pinworms are also a parasite that causes babies to grind their teeth. Pinworms are usually parasitic in the large intestine, and after the baby falls asleep, the pinworm will quietly crawl to the baby’s anal opening to lay eggs, causing anal itching, making the child sleep restlessly and grinding teeth.

Solution: Give your child deworming medicine regularly, and usually your child should develop good hygiene habits to reduce illnesses from the mouth.

For different causes of sleep teeth grinding situation, the solution taken is different, for example, for the digestive system problems, when dealing with the main focus on avoiding the child to eat too much. For intestinal parasites, you need to give your child some deworming medicine. If the child is usually overly nervous, it is recommended to pay proper attention to the child’s living environment, as well as when the child watches cartoons, do not let the child watch some hit-and-miss clips.

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