What things can cause a couple to divorce?

As the saying goes, a hundred years to cultivate the same boat to cross, a thousand years to cultivate the same sleep. There is a destiny to meet a thousand miles, but no destiny to meet each other. Couples from acquaintance to know each other and then to keep each other through thick and thin but many people can not go to the end. There are many factors for divorce between couples Today we will talk to you about what are the reasons for divorce between couples? And what are the things that are most likely to make couples divorce?

Reasons for divorce between couples.

Today’s divorce rate is increasing, remarriage is no longer the object of shame. The previous day and night, hanging on to people, but now they are strangers, in the end, what is forcing couples to go their separate ways?

1, one party does not fulfill family obligations lead to divorce

Once a man and a woman are concluded into a family, the family have due diligence and obligations. If one or both parties are not willing to take on household chores, child rearing and education and other due diligence and obligations, over time, some divorced parties will produce irreconcilable conflicts, and eventually break up.

2, sexual disharmony has become one of the reasons for divorce

Many factors of divorce, sexual disharmony is one of them. Sexual life problems, has been more sensitive and more avoid a topic. Even in the modern society of open-mindedness, because of the disharmony of sexual life and divorce is still not much, but as one of the foundations of love, the importance of the sexual act for marriage is self-evident. If the couple does not have a normal harmonious sex life, then such a marriage is mostly not strong.

3, three views do not match

Character disparity refers to the couple’s personalities are far apart, each other’s spiritual wilderness dried up. A very extroverted, a very introverted, or a very dependent, a very strong independence, such a combination of couples in the case of mutual non-adjustment, non-accommodation is very prone to marital problems.

4, feelings are not stable enough

Lack of love-based marriage is to maintain the marriage relationship is not love but other factors, such as hasty marriage and practical marriage, the parties covet each other’s social status, money or marriage against their will. Due to the pre-marital focus on material, appearance, lack of understanding between the two sides, the marriage is not treated with care, rashly combined, the development of a certain stage, will generally end in divorce.

Things that are most likely to make couples divorce.

1. disease

A serious or acute illness of one party can change the entire relationship between the couple. Not only does illness bring debt and pain, it can also cause a person to lose themselves. Divorce occurs when one partner cannot handle the relationship, while some couples can still handle it well. The illness of one partner may also affect the future of the other partner. The divorce rate for wives with illness is 6% or even higher, while the percentage of divorces for husbands with illness remains almost constant. This is because husbands are less likely to accept the role of caregiver when a woman is unable to fulfill her obligations as a wife.

2. Fertility

Some couples have divorced because one wanted children and one didn’t. You must have heard of this more than once. Even if both parties want children, but there are children, both parties will be in conflict because of the care and support of children. One study shows that 67% of couples experience a decline in satisfaction with their marriage during the three years after the child is first born. It has also been shown that if a couple’s first child is a daughter, it is also more likely to lead to divorce.

3. Separation

Long periods of time when the parties are not together can also easily lead to divorce. Not only do war veterans have to deal with being separated from their significant other for long periods of time, they also have to adjust to life as a normal resident after discharge, which can easily lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Couples who decide to temporarily separate for other reasons, such as work or family responsibilities, don’t face the same problems, but they can also add to the burden of the marriage.

4. Unfaithfulness

This is the biggest problem between couples, all women can’t stand their husbands cheating, even if it’s just mental cheating, that means his heart is not in you anymore, which is bound to drag down the marriage.

5. Economy

Wife in charge of the family, hold the financial power. This would have been very normal. But if the wife dictatorship, economic dictatorship, the man’s day is difficult. Think about it, the money you earn, as much as the monthly payment. Use the money to apply in advance, strict approval. The clothes pocket only sporadic transportation costs. The more important thing, men go out, everything needs money. Wife if not approved, or too late to approve to receive money. Men are often difficult to move an inch.

With the development of modern life people’s ideology is more and more open. So many people began to flash marriage, but there are many people flash divorce. From the initial you and me, to the final form of strangers. From the national divorce rate released every year, China’s divorce rate is rising every year. Everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness, so no one has the right to criticize these divorced people, but I hope that every couple whose relationship is broken can think carefully about it.

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