How to choose the right mask according to different skin types and how to do dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin problems will often occur in the autumn and winter seasons, it is now the time of the change of season, the emergence of sensitive skin problems to improve in a timely manner, active prevention can reduce the problem of dehydrated skin. Some people’s skin is prone to various problems due to dryness and dehydration, such as tight and itchy skin, dry and cracked skin, so this time the skin needs to be treated with more care. So, how to choose the right mask according to different skin types? What about dry and dehydrated skin? Here’s a look at it together.

According to different skin types how to choose the right mask

Dry skin type application lemon juice hydration mask

Dry skin, that is, the skin pores are not obvious, the secretion of sebum is small and uniform, the water content in the stratum corneum is small, so this type of skin is not soft and smooth enough, lack of elasticity and luster as it should be. Try a lemon juice mask for dry skin to replenish moisture.

Prepare 1 egg white, 1 tsp of honey, half a lemon (sensitive skin can not be used), wash and peel the lemon and squeeze the juice, then put the lemon juice, honey and egg white into a bowl and mix and apply evenly on the face, leave it for 10-20 minutes and then wash it off. Not only can it moisturize and tighten dry skin, but also has excellent whitening effect. It is recommended to use it at night before going to bed for better effect.

Oily skin application cucumber hydrating mask

Oily skin, that is, the skin pores are large, sebum secretion is more, the skin surface is shiny, greasy feeling is quite heavy. The skin tone is often light brown, brown, or even red copper. Try a cucumber mask to hydrate!

Prepare 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of whole milk powder and a small cucumber. Peel and mash the cucumber into a puree, mix it with milk powder and honey, apply it on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes and rinse it off with water. It has a good antiseptic effect while deep cleansing the skin, and can converge enlarged pores, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin, which is ideal for oily skin hydration.

Mixed skin type application carrot juice mask hydration

Some people have neutral skin on the cheeks, but more sebum secretion in the forehead, nose, jaw and other parts, which is oily skin, this type of skin that belongs to mixed skin. You can use carrot juice mask to hydrate your skin.

Prepare 1 spoon of honey and fresh carrot juice, mix honey and carrot to mix well, then apply evenly on your face and wash off after 20 minutes. It can effectively promote the oil-water balance of the skin, while moisturizing dry skin, making the skin hydrated and white and shiny, ideal for mixed skin types to hydrate.

Sensitive skin application apple mask hydration

Most allergic skin has large pores and high sebum secretion. After using cosmetics, it often causes skin allergy, redness and itchiness, and individual reactions are violent and stinging. You can use an apple mask to hydrate your skin. Apples are mild in texture and will not damage your skin.

Prepare half an apple, one egg yolk, and the right amount of flour. Chop the apple into a puree, or use a juicer to take out the apple scraps (you can also use the leftover apple puree for babies) and mix it with the egg yolk and flour. After cleaning the skin, put the mask on the face for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. It has a nourishing, astringent, moisturizing effect, can enhance the skin resistance, and make the skin bright, sensitive skin hydration on this apple mask.

How to do dry skin dehydration

1, do not use too high temperature

Hot water will make your skin drier, and a long time of high temperature bathing will also make your skin dry. So you should use water of moderate temperature to take a bath, and usually wash your face in the same way. Use lotion to moisturize your face with wet compresses lotion can hydrate and moisturize your dry skin and keep your skin moisturized. It is recommended to use lotion to hydrate the skin during the seasonal change when the skin is very dry. And use makeup to soak paper film or cotton pads on the face, only 3 minutes a day wet compress, the effect will be better, pay attention not to use clean makeup to.

2, with moisture essence

The essence can effectively enter the muscle base, so that dry muscle quickly restore moisture. The moisturizing essence is used after the lotion to enhance the skin’s ability to absorb other nutrients. The essence can be used daily, but also regularly thick as a moisturizing mask.

3,Eye Moisturizer

The dry weather, the eye will also be hurt, because the eye skin is very thin and very fine, a lack of water is easy to cause the eye lines, fine lines, etc.. So it is recommended that the honeys apply a mild moist eye cream in the form of massage circles morning, noon and night.

4, bubble mask instead of washing face

Every time I stay up late the next day when I look in the mirror will accidentally be their own panda eyes red bloodshot, and increasingly large pores dark yellow skin tone scared! The capital scared the baby, calling ~ in fact, this is the free radicals to make the ghost, because fatigue, internal stress and so on will make the body free radicals rush high, the face naturally does not look good. Use bubble mask instead of facial cleanser, so that the fine foam can be drilled into the microvascular to promote blood circulation, you can instantly enhance the color!

5, the appropriate time to exfoliate

The roughness of the skin means that there is a lot of excess keratin on the surface of the skin, and it is time for you to exfoliate your skin. If you do not exfoliate for a long time, not only will cause rough skin conditions, but also make the skin dull and lusterless Oh! Generally once a fortnight to exfoliate can be, do not need to exfoliate frequently. Exfoliation must choose a mild product, so as not to hurt the skin.

6,Nourishing and moisturizing

In the case of dry skin, you need to choose the moisture retention and moisturizing degree of high products, summer light type of products for winter is not enough. And when the skin absorption is not good, to add the leading essence to open the door to the skin, enhance the penetration, so that the absorption effect is better. Girls with relatively dry skin can add beauty oil as previously mentioned to seal in the moisture with oil and make the moisturizing thought better.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we will have a better understanding of the problem of dehydration seen in daily life. For the lack of water, we should pay attention to take good care of the situation, timely improvement can also avoid harm. After entering autumn and winter, pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, the early change of season, you must pay attention to the problem of skin water and oil balance. Well, today’s introduction is all this, I hope it can help you.

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