What are the effects of emotions on health How to reduce stress rationally?

Emotional problems can have a great impact on one’s health, which I believe we all have some experience in life, so to avoid these problems we should pay attention to the proper prevention. Bad psychological emotions can affect physical health, when faced with bad bad emotions, it is best to learn to relieve. There are many things in life that are unpredictable, so you must learn to let yourself go and not let yourself get tangled up and calculate. So, what are the effects of emotional problems on health, and how to reasonably reduce stress in response to these problems? Here’s a look at it together.

What are the effects of emotions on health

1, years of depression to raise cholesterol

Years under depression, glucose and fatty acids in the blood will be elevated, the risk of diabetes and heart disease will naturally be greater. In addition, stress will make the body cholesterol levels rise.

2, fall in love to improve memory

Falling in love will make a person’s nerve growth factor levels in a year in a high state, stimulating the growth of new brain cells, helping the nervous system to recover and improve memory.

3, Laugh 100 times

Equivalent to 15 minutes of aerobic exercise on a bicycle. Laughter can make people unload excess pressure, protect the inner walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing the chances of a heart attack. When a person laughs, the need to mobilize more than 400 muscles in the body, and thus can also effectively burn calories.

4, frustration amplifies the feeling of pain

When people are in a state of frustration, pessimism and apathy, the body will be low in compound amines and dopamine, compound amines can regulate a person’s ability to perceive pain.

5, jealousy is a mixture of fear, worry and anger and other emotions

These three emotions can make a person trigger. People who are jealous usually have higher blood pressure, faster heart rate, increased adrenaline secretion, weakened immunity, anxiety and even insomnia.

6, Being grateful is like rehabilitation

Emotions like love, gratitude and satisfaction will stimulate the secretion of posterior pituitary hormones, which will relax the nervous system and reduce the feeling of depression, and the oxygen content of the body’s tissues will increase significantly.

7, Crying with emotion releases stress in the body

Crying with emotion will secrete more hormones and neurotransmitters, which may lead to low blood pressure and a slower pulse, so the purpose of crying with emotion is to remove depressing chemicals from the body.

How to reasonably reduce stress

1, appropriate massage.

Rub the chest and knead the abdomen clockwise or counterclockwise direction of the abdomen, rubbing the stomach and epigastric, rubbing the navel, rubbing the heavenly pivot, mo Dantian, chest and abdomen for the five internal organs of the Palace City, especially the abdominal massage has a healthy spleen and stomach, help transport, regulate the intestinal bowels, guide the function of stagnation.

2, adjust the mood.

Sometimes work pressure actually comes from themselves, they give themselves a certain amount of pressure to make themselves feel breathless, then try to relax the mood, adjust the depressed mood, the pressure of work will naturally be reduced. There are many ways to adjust the mood, such as watching movies, travel, listening to music, playing mahjong, Internet, games, sports, health care, etc., as long as you go to do things you like can adjust the mood, appropriate relaxation is also to work better.

3, confide in.

When they are depressed, when they encounter unhappy things to find someone to talk to, to say their unhappy things will be a lot more comfortable, if the depression and pressure piled up in their hearts, then the pressure of the mood is getting more and more serious, it is likely to get depression, light life, etc.. Find friends or family members to confide in, or directly to strangers on the Internet, as long as the purpose of confiding in, find who is not the problem, but it is best to find a like-minded people, so that confide in order to find a common language.

4, take on simple household chores.

Do some simple household chores to achieve movement and activity throughout the body. For example, you can clean up the messy dishes, you can mop the floor, wipe the table, etc.

These are the introduction of emotional problems, for these to further improve the good, timely relief can also stretch their mood. You should know that when facing pressure, everyone’s heart is very painful, such a situation in life is actually very common, must be timely improvement, timely reduction, so that everyone’s body is good.

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