What are the reasons for the appearance of crow’s feet over the years?

The appearance of crow’s feet is the enhancement of the sense of age and the trace of slowly getting old, which is also the law of nature. But women want to live their age as a secret, and hope that these crow’s feet problems can be invisible, so we should pay attention to prevention in general. And want to do a good job of prevention, but also to know why there will be crow’s feet, today we will see together with you, why the appearance of crow’s feet, what habits to do well against?

What are the reasons for the appearance of crow’s feet over the years

1, endocrine disorders

The formation of crow’s feet is due to neuroendocrine function decreases, protein synthesis rate decreases, fibroblast activity in the dermis decreases or is lost, collagen fibers decrease and break, resulting in skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles increase at the corners of the eyes.

2, Elastic fiber degeneration

From the medical point of view, this kind of wrinkle is the third party is due to the gradual aging of elastic fibers, skin moisture and subcutaneous fat reduction, so that the skin loses elasticity, and by the pull of the subcutaneous muscles and formed. In addition to the natural aging of the skin, the main influencing factors are: history of sun exposure, skin thickness, amount of subcutaneous fat, history of smoking, and the amount of contraction of the lateral orbicularis oculi muscle when smiling or squinting.

3, Collagen breakage

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye lines, and small fine lines are all oxidation lines. When the collagen in the dermis is oxidized for various reasons, it breaks like a spring, and when the collagen breaks, the support for the epidermis disappears, causing the epidermis to collapse unevenly.

4, Climate and personal factors

The formation of crow’s feet is also related to the sun, dryness, cold, high wash water temperature, rich expression, smoking, etc., resulting in the loss of fiber tissue elasticity, resulting in the increase of wrinkles around the eyes. Due to the power wrinkles caused by the long-term contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, the crow’s feet are radial in shape.

What habits can be developed to combat crow’s feet

1, sunscreen to do a good job

UV rays are very harmful to the skin, it will accelerate the aging of the skin, making the skin collagen components are destroyed, making wrinkles. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, whether it’s winter or summer, you should do a good job of sun protection, physical sun protection and chemical sun protection combined to minimize the damage to the skin around the eyes from ultraviolet rays, you can also prevent crows feet from happening. The point to note is that sunscreen is also required to remove makeup, you can choose a mild makeup remover.

2, correct the bad eye habits

Women must develop good eye habits on a regular basis, so as to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet is also very helpful, often squinting to see things, it will make crow’s feet more serious. You should pay attention to the protection of your eyes, don’t look at things under the harsh sunlight or dim light, reduce the dependence on electronic products, and actively participate in physical exercise, etc. After the vision correction normal, not squinting to see things, naturally also make the crow’s feet will not appear so quickly.

3, eye cream to use

Some women do not recognize the importance of eye cream, eye cream can improve the dryness of the skin around the eyes, for the prevention of crow’s feet appear, fade crow’s feet have a very good effect. Different age groups are different in the choice of eye creams, young women should choose moisturizing and wrinkle prevention-based, while slightly older women at this time choose nourishing, lightening and preventing wrinkles. If the choice of eye cream is not suitable for you, but will appear like fat particles and other new skin problems around the eyes.

4, remove makeup to clean

Women believe that they will know the importance of removing makeup, if they do not remove the makeup at night before going to bed, it will cause very great damage to the skin, especially the eye makeup part. When removing eye makeup you must be careful to use a gentle makeup remover that does not irritate the skin around your eyes, and pay attention to the strength and make it as light as possible. If you always remove eye makeup roughly, it is easy to make the skin around the eyes get hurt, and it is also easy to prompt the appearance of crow’s feet.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have a new understanding of the problem of crow’s feet, for these we should pay attention to prevention, after knowing the cause of the disease to pay attention to the correct understanding. For the problem of crow’s feet, we should understand the causes, do the right prevention can reduce the harm, I hope you should pay attention to do the right understanding in the daily, I also hope these can help you.

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