6 ways to help suppress treatment of depression disorder

The chance of depression disorder is getting higher and higher nowadays, and the mental health of people suffering from depression disorder will be greatly affected, and some serious friends will even produce anorexia. Experts pointed out that depression disorder disrupts people’s normal life, it is mainly from the heart of some psychological barriers, there are many kinds of depression disorder, so how to cure depression disorder has become a problem that people think about, this article today from the treatment of depression disorder and depression disorder eat what is good to help you out of depression disorder.

How to cure depression disorder

1, pay attention to proper sleep

If you suffer from mild depressive disorder, then a good sleep is definitely the cure for mild depressive disorder. If you are still suffering from insomnia, then you can drink some red wine or milk before going to bed. If the insomnia is very serious, you have to take some sleeping drugs that can help you sedate under the guidance of your physician.

2,Improve mood

The cause of depression disorder may be a period of bad mood, so how to change such a mood? Then you can rely on food to help. Have you ever heard that people who have lost love eat chocolate is good? Because food, especially sweet food can help you reduce anxiety and depression, thus improving your self-confidence.

3, do not stay at home

Many depressive disorders are bored out at home, you are not at home for a long time and outside people, things, over time there will be a sense of unfamiliarity inside, the development is the fear of the outside world. Such an environment can easily lead to the occurrence of mild depressive disorder, so it is recommended that you often go outdoors and take a walk. If you feel that the near is not too smooth, you can go to travel to release their mood.

4, listen to some soothing music

Now around the world are trying to use music to treat various diseases, especially mental illness. Patients with mild depressive disorder may want to put some Bandstand music in your mp3, listen to it when you are tired and depressed, it will make the depression better.

5,Keep a peaceful state of mind

Patients with mild depressive disorder should first adjust their mindset. A happy mind can make our state and spirit to maintain a better benchmark. At the same time, a happy mood can make the body secrete good hormones, enzymes and acylcholine, which can improve the ability to control the disease.

6,Shift attention

Participate in activities

Consciously participate in some real activities, such as physical exercise, cultural and recreational activities, etc., to free yourself from distress.

Venting ways

Learn to vent your sorrow, pain, etc. in an appropriate way to reduce the psychological load.


Shift your attention, focus your attention on a certain thing or matter, try to accomplish it, and feel a sense of accomplishment when you succeed, in order to reduce and slowly subside your depression.

Seeking medical help at home

Tell your psychologist about your mood problems and ask him/her for solutions.

Types of depression disorder


It can lead to learning difficulties, inattentiveness, memory loss, overall decline or sudden decline in performance, anorexia, fear of learning, truancy or refusal to learn.


Its perverse psychology of strong guilt, inferiority, hatred, unloving or disgusting children especially for their babies. Crying, insomnia, inability to eat and depression are common symptoms of patients with this type of depressive disorder.


That is, there are lazy, dull, change, worry, worry “five signs” (brain biogenic amine cited on or absolute deficiency).


Symptoms of depression and melancholy are not obvious, but often manifest as various physical symptoms, such as palpitations, chest tightness, upper and middle abdominal discomfort, shortness of breath, sweating, weight loss, insomnia, etc.

5,White collar

Young women with depressive disorders have disrupted neuroendocrine system and normal physiological cycle, with a variety of symptoms.


Such as some hypertensive patients, after taking antihypertensive drugs, resulting in continued depression and depression.

Symptoms of depressive disorder

1,Decrease in volitional activity

Active activities are significantly reduced, life is passive, reluctant to participate in the outside world and activities of ordinary interest, often alone. Lazy life, the development of non-verbal and immobile, can reach the degree of rigidity. The danger is the recurrence of suicide attempts and behaviors.

2,Somatic symptoms

Most depressed patients have physical and other biological symptoms, such as palpitations, chest tightness, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss. Sleep disorders are prominent, mostly difficulty in falling asleep.

3,Depressed state of mind

The basic features are depressed mood, distress and sadness, and loss of interest. Feeling pessimistic and desperate, painful and unbearable, with the feeling that life is like a year and life is worse than death. The inner experience is often described as meaningless and unhappy. The typical person has a depressive mood, with heavy daytime and light nighttime. It often coexists with anxiety.

4,Delayed thinking

The thought association process is inhibited, the reaction is slow, and the brain is not spinning, which is manifested by the reduction of active speech, the speed of speech is significantly slowed, and the thinking problem is laborious. Slow response, long waiting time, low self-esteem under the influence of depression, low self-esteem, sense of uselessness and worthlessness, feeling that life is meaningless, pessimistic and suicidal. There is self-blame and self-guilt, thinking that living becomes a burden and committing a big crime, and there is a suspicion of illness on the basis of physical discomfort, thinking that they are suffering from an incurable disease.


During depressive episodes, hallucinations, depersonalization, dissociation of reality, obsessive-compulsive and phobic symptoms can also occur. Because of the significant slowing of thought association and memory loss, it is easy to affect the cognitive function of elderly patients and appear depressive pseudo-alzheimer’s disease.

Dangerous symptoms of depressive disorder

1, suicide is one of the dangerous symptoms of depressive disorder. According to research, the suicide rate of depressive disorder patients is 20 times higher than the general population. More than half of the social suicide population may be depressive disorder patients.

2, so early detection of the disease and early treatment is very important for patients with depressive disorder. Do not wait until the patient has already committed suicide before thinking that he may have suffered from depressive disorder.

3, depressive disorder patients due to depressed mood, pessimism and anxiety. In severe cases, it is easy to produce suicidal thoughts. And, because the patient thinking logic is basically normal, the success rate of implementing suicide is also higher.

4, many depressive disorder patients think of death to relieve the pain. Patients often think and act of death in order to end the pain, suffering and confusion.

5, some unexplained suicides may have suffered from severe depressive disorder before they were born, but they were not detected in time. Since suicide occurs only when the disease has progressed to a certain level of severity.

About the depression disorder, the above health experts have been introduced to you in detail, how, now we have clear it? Health experts hope that through the above reading you can have some new understanding of the types of depression disorder and treatment methods, and also some more understanding of the treatment of depression disorder diet, our purpose is to hope that after reading you can have a clear understanding of depression disorder, and to face life with a positive and optimistic attitude.

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