Why do white-collar workers suffer from sub-health?

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with sub-health, in fact, many people will be more or less sub-healthy, but white-collar people suffer from sub-health is more, and are more serious state. So, why white-collar workers are prone to sub-health status? If white-collar workers want to regulate sub-health, what food can they eat? The following is a small explanation for everyone.

Why white-collar workers are prone to sub-healthy state?

1. often eat fast food

Because of the fast pace of life now, everyone does not have time to make a decent meal for themselves. Many people choose take-out or fast food, so the diet is very unhealthy, and the food is not reasonable. A lot of cooking oil outside does not meet health standards, if you eat these foods for a long time, the body is prone to health problems.

2. Lack of exercise

Because of the work tension, white-collar workers usually car for walking, sedentary and less moving at work, and to work overtime at the end of the day, so white-collar workers often do not have time to exercise. Over time, there will be cardiovascular, gastrointestinal system, immune system and cervical spine diseases.

3. Staying up late

Is a common cause of sub-health status. Some people work very hard and often work overtime; some people play cell phones until midnight to sleep, if they stay up late sleep time will be reduced, and the quality of sleep will be affected. Today people sleep very little and go to bed very late, which is the main cause of sub-health.

4. Accumulated fatigue into disease

Many white-collar friends in life are not very healthy, long-term subhealthy state, the main reason is the accumulation of fatigue, too much fatigue, including physical fatigue and psychological fatigue. Mental stress accumulates for a long time, the brain is overloaded, which prevents the brain cells from replenishing oxygen and nutrients in a timely manner, causing endocrine dysfunction, excessive excitation of the sympathetic nervous system and dysregulation of the vegetative nervous system, resulting in brain fatigue, thus causing symptoms of “subhealth” throughout the body, so white-collar friends, pay attention to the combination of work and rest is very important. Therefore, white-collar friends, pay attention to the combination of work and rest is very important.

What is the best way to take care of sub-health?

1. pumpkin

Pumpkin is a greater advantage against sub-health: to prevent liver and kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, gallstones and other diseases. Pumpkin is rich in pectin, which can delay the absorption of sugar and lipids in the intestine, and can also remove heavy metals and some pesticides from the body, which has the effect of preventing cancer and toxicity.

2. Spinach

A more effective function in spinach is anti-aging. Because spinach contains a large number of antioxidants and spinach can be able to detoxify constipation and make people glow! So women who are sub-healthy eat more spinach is very good for the body.

3. Potatoes

A medium-sized potato contains 37 grams of carbohydrates and can relieve tension headaches caused by elevated 5-hydroxytryptamine. Headaches caused by drinking alcohol can also be relieved by eating potatoes. Because alcohol is diuretic, excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration, loss of trace elements of potassium, and disruption of electrolyte balance. Therefore, eating foods rich in potassium can relieve headaches caused by hangovers.

4. Tuna

90 grams of canned tuna contains about 800 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, and this substance can improve the depression and anxiety that people show due to depression. In addition to tuna, walnuts also contain this substance, and walnuts than tuna is easier to go to the table of everyday people, and walnuts and other nuts, can play a very good role in brain health.

5. fungus

Wood fungus is a very good food for women. Can replenish gas and blood, cool blood nourishment, but also dissolve indigestible substances to play the role of stomach and intestinal cleansing. Women in the sub-health period often endocrine disorders, so often cause constipation and other conditions. So we can eat fungus to achieve the effect of detoxification and skin care, so you can easily say goodbye to the dull yellow skin and maintain a young state.

Nowadays, sub-health has become very common, many people’s body will have the shadow of sub-health, especially white-collar workers, usually due to work, stay up late, overtime, less exercise, stress and so on, so that their bodies are easy to appear sub-health, so we need to pay more attention to their bodies, usually do a good job of conditioning, eat more food to help regulate sub-health, like the above-mentioned are very good. This will allow you to have a healthier body.

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