What are the symptoms of mastocytosis in its early stages?

Among women’s body diseases, the probability of mastocytosis is still very high, as women should pay attention to the care of the body, timely detection can reduce the harm and impact of the body. In the daily examination, it is more common to find such a situation, so we should pay attention to the body care, in the early detection can reduce the harm and impact of the body. So, what are the symptoms of mastocytosis in the early stages, and how to do a good job of regulating such a diagnosis? Here’s a look at it with me.

What are the symptoms of mastocytosis in the early stage

1. Menstrual disorders

The third more obvious symptom is menstrual disorders, female patients with mastocytosis before and after menstruation, the amount of menstruation will become less or the color will become lighter, and sometimes there will be painful menstruation.

2. Nipple overflow

Some women with breast enlargement may experience nipple overflow, which is a spontaneous overflow, straw-yellow or brown plasma overflow, in addition to the symptoms of breast enlargement and emotional changes, patients often feel moody, or irritable, nervous, restless, etc.

3.Breast swelling and pain

The first obvious symptom of women with breast enlargement is breast pain, pain is mainly on one side of the breast, the other side will also slowly appear pain, pain is mainly breast lumps, some people will also have nipple itching pain. Some women have breast pain that often appears a few days before menstruation or is aggravated, and after menstruation the pain is significantly reduced or the symptoms disappear.

4. Lumps in the breast

Breast lumps often occur in the unilateral breast or bilateral breast, single or multiple lumps, the size of the lumps varies, from small ones as large as a grain of rice to large ones of two or three centimeters, breast lumps will increase in size and harden before menstruation, and shrink and soften after menstruation.

How to do a good job of conditioning

1, usually eat more cabbage, soy products, kelp, fish, acid, more vegetables rich in fiber, can eat sweet potatoes, corn, edible mushrooms, seaweed, garlic, tomatoes, oranges and berries.

2, eat less coffee, cocoa, chocolate, do not drink alcohol, drinking alcohol is considered a major enemy of breast disease. A study found that women who drink liquor daily have a substantially increased chance of developing breast tumors.

3, do not abuse health care products, can not abuse estrogen-containing health care products or long-term use of beauty cosmetics, breast enhancement health care products for bodybuilding and breast augmentation, as well as long-term excessive use of estrogen in menopausal women, are considered to be the cause of breast disease.

4, first of all, we must adjust our mindset and maintain a good mood. If you are in a good mood, the normal ovulation of the ovaries will not be obstructed by bad moods, progesterone secretion will not be reduced, the mammary glands will not be enlarged by the unilateral stimulation of estrogen, and the enlarged mammary glands will gradually recover under the care of progesterone. Mental tension, sadness, stressful work and overwork are important factors that affect endocrine secretion and are very likely to cause mastopexy. So you should maintain a happy, optimistic and healthy state of mind, combine work and rest and face life positively, which will help the endocrine balance and reduce the occurrence of mastocytosis.

5, often eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber, such as apples, citrus, grapes, cabbage, mustard, wild rice, bamboo shoots, celery, etc.. These fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in a large number of vitamins, which is conducive to tissue recovery.

6, maintain a good diet of low fat, high fiber. Coarse grains, soybean products, fish, kelp, yogurt, etc. are good for the breast and can be eaten more often, and the diet is best to be light.

7, appropriate consumption of food therapy formula beneficial to the breast, such as lily of the valley hawthorn drink, kelp dasher, two red drink, winter melon barley soup, black mushroom pot with black chicken, etc..

8, maintain a good sleep, sleep is not only conducive to balance endocrine, but also to provide a good environment for the various hormones in the body to play a balanced health effect. The power of unity is great, and various hormones work in concert to naturally defeat mastocytosis.

These are the introduction of mammary gland hyperplasia in women. Doing the right prevention can reduce the harm, and early detection can avoid the impact on the body, and also timely treatment. When you are diagnosed with mastocytosis, you must pay attention to regulating your mood, pay more attention to prevention, eat more healthy food, and relax your mood. As long as we do the right care for the body’s recovery are very improved role oh.

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