What are the best vegetables and fruits to eat for spring health?

Spring is the beginning of the year, and it is very good to use it for health care when spring is in full bloom, as it is good for health and can reduce the appearance of various infectious diseases in spring, such as colds. So many people choose to take care of their health in the spring. If you want to take care of your health in spring, fresh vegetables and fruits are certainly indispensable. So what are the best vegetables and fruits to eat in spring?

What fruit is good to eat in spring?


Pear is the first choice of winter and spring fruits, it contains malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins, pear has the function of moistening the throat, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing the stomach and intestines, suitable for winter and spring fever and patients with internal heat to eat. Especially for relieving lung fever cough, pediatric wind fever, dry throat and sore throat, dry stool and other diseases are more suitable.


The pineapple is a seasonal fruit that is very popular because of its bright color and crisp, sweet taste. The “pineapple prion enzyme” in the pineapple can break down proteins, promote digestion, eliminate edema and inflammation, and promote blood circulation. After eating some fatty foods, eating pineapple can also prevent fat deposits. The pineapple is beneficial for people with nephritis and hypertension, it also helps to strengthen the stomach, spleen and stop diarrhea, which is a very good supplement for spring.


Strawberries are a common fruit that is good for spring health. Strawberries are traditionally considered to be a blood tonic, beneficial to the qi, spleen, lung, both young and old, especially for the weak, strawberries are one of the tonic fruits. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps digestion, and they also strengthen the gums, freshen the breath and moisten the throat. In addition, the iron, glucose, fructose, malic acid and citric acid contained in strawberries can effectively assist in the treatment of sore throat, lung-heating cough and long fire boils that are prone to spring.

What vegetables to eat for spring health?


What to eat in the spring, that is certainly not without spinach, although many people do not like to eat spinach because of its earthy taste, but the nutritional value is very sufficient. The selenium and vitamin E contained in spinach have a very good antioxidant effect, which can activate the brain, improve memory, and can also play a role in promoting cellular metabolism. So in the spring time, eating spinach for health is a very good choice.

Recommended: Garlic Spinach

Ingredients: spinach, garlic.

Directions: Wash the spinach first, peel the garlic directly and cut it into garlic paste. Fill the pot with the right amount of water, bring it to a boil and then add the spinach and cook it for 30 seconds, then drain it. Pour the right amount of water into the pot, hit the spinach and garlic paste down and stir-fry until the ingredients are cooked through, then directly into the right amount of seasoning can be.

2.Spring bamboo shoots

Eating spring bamboo shoots in spring is good for health. The saying goes that eating spring bamboo shoots in the springtime is great for health. Spring bamboo shoots contain a lot of nutrients and wild elements, these substances are needed by the body, so in the spring to eat spring bamboo shoots, you can do a good job of health early. The practice of spring asparagus is also very simple, directly stewed ribs to eat, its taste is delicious, nutrition is not much will be lost.

Recommended: spring asparagus stew with pork ribs

Ingredients: ribs, spring bamboo shoots, ginger.

Directions: Wash the ribs and cut into pieces, then rinse with hot water to remove the grease; peel the spring bamboo shoots and cut into small pieces; wash and shred the ginger. Put the three ingredients into a casserole dish, fill with an appropriate amount of boiling water, and then turn the water to a low heat and slowly stew until the ribs are cooked through and can be served with seasonings.


When spring comes, many people have a strong liver fire, and this time if you eat broccoli, you can play the effect of reducing liver fire. In addition, the phytonutrients contained in broccoli can help detoxify the liver, play the effect of liver support, and can also prevent the emergence of many cancers.

Recommended: broccoli stir-fry with sliced pork

Ingredients: broccoli, lean meat.

Directions: Cut broccoli into small pieces and soak in salted water for 10 minutes, then rinse; wash and cut lean meat into slices, then marinate in cornstarch for 5 minutes. Boil the broccoli for 3 minutes and then drain it. Fill the pot with water, add the right amount of oil, then add the lean meat and broccoli and stir-fry to cook through, then add the seasoning and stir well.

Spring is here, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are on the market, not only very tasty and delicious, but also nutritious and healthy, for health is more than suitable, so we can eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables in spring, such as broccoli, spring bamboo, spinach, pears, pineapples, strawberries, etc., for health is very good, but also to prevent a variety of spring diseases.

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