What foods can effectively treat constipation?

Probably due to the change of diet, people consume too much meat and too little vegetables and coarse fiber food. The number of constipation patients in China is increasing day by day, and we do not know how many people suffer from constipation every day. Now, let’s take a look at which foods can effectively treat constipation.

1, sweet potatoes, as the saying goes, “a pound of sweet potatoes seven two feces”, many people feel that this is a bit overstated. In fact, this is not completely unfounded. The herbs seek the original “in the record, sweet potatoes” cool blood, blood, wide intestines and stomach, constipation, to go to the stasis of dirty poison.” That is to say, eating more sweet potato can make the stool flow easily.

2, gum, people who have some understanding of Chinese medicine know that gum is a very good Chinese herbal medicine, often used to gynecological diseases. The main reason for this is that its main function is to nourish the Yin and blood, stop bleeding, calm the fetus and moisten the intestines and lungs, especially for those who are weak and constipated. Especially for pregnant women postpartum weakness, constipation, the effect is significant.

3, bananas, we can often hear people complaining about my two days constipation, the skin are a little worse. Someone will be introduced to say “constipation ah, eat bananas”. In fact, bananas are very suitable for people suffering from constipation to eat, this is because bananas are cold and sweet, with heat detoxification, laxative, lung and cough, lower blood pressure and tonic effect. Especially for hot constipation and habitual intestinal dry constipation effect is remarkable.

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