What are the causes of diabetic nephropathy?

In life, some patients are unaware of some of the conditions of their bodies, not only because of the busy green life and work, so that they all have no time to take care of their bodies. It is also due to some unhealthy habits that lead them to be haunted by diseases. The occurrence of kidney disease is one such manifestation. So, do you know what exactly causes diabetic nephropathy to happen?

The disease is also caused by the inability to live on time, after all, friends who often work will work overtime, and lead to chaotic life patterns. The class due to busy work, almost three meals a day basically called takeout, to seafood, animal offal, beef, mutton and other major also prone to diabetic nephropathy. At the same time, to ensure energy, many office women often prepare fried, puffed, chocolate and other high-calorie food in the office, coupled with the usual exercise very little, slow metabolic function, it becomes the cause of diabetic nephropathy. Experts remind, often eat boxed fast food and other high-calorie food, socializing, exercise less urban white-collar workers, found discomfort to seek medical attention, it is likely that the kidney problems. In addition, poor lifestyle is also one of the main causes of diabetic nephropathy.

The internal body is actually a balance body, once the occurrence of one aspect of the damage, the source of the disease will continue to occur. Between the internal organs of the body, the internal environment and the external environment are maintained in dynamic balance. If a variety of internal and external pathogenic factors disrupt the balance of the body, resulting in dysfunction of the internal organs and blood, disease and the kidneys, it will cause diabetic nephropathy. The prerequisite for the development of diabetic nephropathy is the strength and weakness of the body’s positive energy, as well as the fight between evil and positive and the strength and weakness of both sides. Therefore, this is one of the etiologies that lead to the appearance of diabetic nephropathy.

The causes of the disease are also interrelated, especially nephropathy, if hypertension occurs as well as diabetes will be susceptible to infection. Hyperglycemia is a cause of diabetic nephropathy: diabetic nephropathy is closely related to hyperglycemia, and our experts say that blood sugar can accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy if it is well controlled in daily life, and good blood sugar can significantly delay its development if it is effectively controlled in daily life. Hyperglycemia and increased production of glycosylated end products cause proliferation of thylakoid cells, increase in extracellular matrix, and thickening of glomerular basement membrane. Patients are invited to pay special attention in their daily life.

Genetic factors: Most diabetic patients will not eventually develop nephropathy, experts say that patients can also develop diabetic nephropathy in their daily lives if their blood sugar is well controlled. Experts say glucose transporter protein-1 (GLUT1) is the main glucose transporter on glomerular thylakoid cells. Differences in the menu and regulation of GLUT1 in thylakoid cells between diabetic patients may predispose some patients to kidney damage, which is one of the causes of diabetic nephropathy.

Hyperglycemia: Hyperglycemia is the main cause of diabetic nephropathy, and poor glycemic control can accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy, while good glycemic control can significantly delay its development. Hyperglycemia and increased generation of glycosylation end products cause proliferation of thylakoid cells, increased extracellular matrix, thylakoid expansion, and thickening of glomerular basement membrane.

Hypertension: In fact, this is not considered a cause of diabetic nephropathy, but the progression of diabetic nephropathy and the deterioration of renal function can be accelerated by the increase in blood pressure during the course of the disease to the stage of microalbuminuria, which aggravates the excretion of urinary albumin.

Faced with these conditions of the disease, most of the patients are still very panic. Especially in the case of knowing that they are kidney disease, they will be very anxious because of the treatment. I suggest you better go to a regular hospital to receive treatment, and then take some professional treatment measures according to your actual condition. Finally, I wish you a speedy physical recovery.

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