What causes heavy dampness in the elderly and how to relieve it?

Whether it is the elderly, young or middle-aged people, the phenomenon of heavy dampness in the body can occur, it can be said that heavy dampness in the body is not something unusual, and very common in ordinary times. In fact, heavy dampness is mostly caused by bad daily habits, and for the elderly is no exception.

What causes dampness in the elderly?

Dampness in the elderly is often due to wind and cold. In Chinese medicine, dampness seems to be called the “evil of all evils”. In the wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, fire, the “six evil spirits” causative factors, dampness has the greatest scope of injury. This is because the dampness is never alone, always with other evil “wicked”: dampness in cold into cold dampness, so that people are cold to the bone; in heat for damp heat, stuffy so that people can not breathe, can not sweat; in wind is transformed into rheumatism, becoming a chronic disease difficult to get rid of.

In addition, heavy dampness, is a long-term, and not a short-term formation. Dampness is never a certain season, a certain person’s “patent”, it may lurk around us, a chance to take advantage of the situation. Dampness can be divided into “external dampness” and “internal dampness” of two kinds, the former is mostly caused by the wet climate, wading in the rain, or living in a humid place and other external factors; the latter is mostly caused by the spleen loss of health, can not transport the essence, resulting in stagnation of water and dampness.

How to relieve dampness in the elderly

Elderly people with heavy dampness can use mugwort to soak their feet. Dried mugwort leaves 10 to 15 grams, with 5 kg of cold water, boil and change the fire to low 10-15 minutes off, when you can get off the feet counted 20-40 minutes soak. If you have a thermos, you can put half of the long one in the bottle, the short one put two moxa pillars, soak with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then add water to soak your feet. The water must not exceed the ankle, the water temperature is not less than 35-42 degrees. Can be continuous soak 3-5 days, the first day can be more sweat, after a slight sweating is stopped.

Dampness in the elderly can be relieved by exercise. Most people with heavy dampness in their bodies are people who eat a greasy diet and lack exercise. These people often feel heavy, limb weakness and reluctance to move, but the more they do not like to exercise, the more dampness accumulated in the body, over time, it will certainly lead to dampness into the spleen, causing a series of diseases. Exercise can relieve stress, promote the functioning of the body organs, accelerate the discharge of dampness out of the body. Running, walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi and other exercises can help to activate the circulation of blood and increase water metabolism.

The above is about the causes of heavy dampness in the elderly and how to relieve the relevant content, you should have an understanding of it. Dampness in the elderly, can be relieved by using mugwort foot soak and exercise, but want to completely eliminate dampness, must be long-term persistence, otherwise the effect will not be so obvious, in addition to the elderly in general should also maintain a good mood, oh, this is very important.

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