How to reduce the “odor” of the elderly?

Older people’s odor comes with age and some people ask if it can’t be improved or removed. I believe many people have experienced that when they come into contact with older people, they can always smell an unpleasant odor, but they often do not feel it themselves.

This special odor is also called “elderly smell”, and many people think that elderly smell is caused by the lack of hygiene of the elderly, but this is not true. How does the smell of old people come about?

1, skin aging

With age, the elderly sebum thinning, the skin has become very dry, increased dander, coupled with the elderly skin folds more, easier to hide dirt, making the elderly skin become a hotbed of bacteria, mites and other growth, which not only brings skin infection, in the reproduction process will also emit an unpleasant smell, which is one of the sources of elderly smell.

2, digestion, reproductive function decline

The digestive capacity of the elderly is greatly reduced, if the diet is not restricted, often eat seafood, meat and other high-protein food, it is easy to cause indigestion, halitosis.

In addition, some elderly men have urine dripping due to prostate enlargement, and their pants are easily stained with urine, while some elderly women can develop senile vaginitis and urinary incontinence.

3,Disease causes

In addition to the above factors, the occurrence of elderly odor may also indicate the arrival of certain diseases. For example, some elderly people suffer from oral diseases, which can cause bad breath, and some elderly people suffer from chronic bronchitis and emphysema, which can cause coughing and coughing of phlegm, so there is always a smell of phlegm on the body.

In addition, elderly people with arthritis often rub oil and ointment, which can also lead to a strong smell of ointment.

So, how to reduce the smell of the elderly?

1,Bathe regularly and change clothes regularly

The armpits, neck, chest, behind the ears and other parts of the sebaceous glands are the main source of the smell of the elderly, in addition, the top of the head, the back of the head is also heavy, the elderly should not only bathe regularly, the above parts should focus on cleaning.

When taking a bath, you can use scrubbing towels to remove the dead skin, and open the windows more often.

2, adjust the diet

Due to weakened digestive function, many elderly people have bad breath, so it is recommended that the elderly avoid eating high-calorie, high-fat food, quit smoking and drinking, and eat more vegetables and fruits, coarse grains. After meals, we should also pay attention to oral cleaning to improve the problem of bad breath, and usually eat some oranges, the citric acid in which can remove oral odor and make the breath fresh.

3,treatment of disease

Some elderly smell is caused by diseases, such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, oral diseases, etc. In this case, it is recommended that the elderly actively seek medical advice, after these diseases are controlled, the body odor will also be significantly reduced.

It can be seen that the appearance of elderly odor is not necessarily related to lack of hygiene, but also due to aging and diseases.

For this situation, elderly people should do a good job of cleaning their skin and mouth, pay attention to a light diet, and actively treat diseases that cause old people’s odor.

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