What are the effects of frequent late nights and overtime work on the body?

In today’s society, it is not easy to work, especially for white-collar workers, although the profession is bright and shiny, but with a meager salary, but also often stay up late and work overtime, for white-collar women will be very harmful to health, so usually know how to take care of their own body is good. How to take care of the working people who often stay up late and work overtime?

What are the bad effects of staying up late and working overtime?

First of all, staying up late will have a certain impact on bodily functions, and the damage to the eyes is very big, staying up late is generally doing something, either at work or watching movies or playing games and reading books and so on, now people basically can’t keep their eyes off the screen, either cell phones or computers or TV, long time down the eyes will feel dry, and there may be a short period of vision loss, so a long time The damage of staying up late on the eyesight is very big.

People who love beauty should pay attention to the long stay up late on the skin is also very big, do not think that the mask or toner cosmetics that can make you stay young forever, enough sleep and a reasonable arrangement of time is the focus.

Ten o’clock at night to about two in the morning is the skin metabolism is more active, if this time is not well rested, then you will obviously feel the threat of dry skin, acne, pigmentation and so on. The body needs rest, and staying up late for a long time will cause great damage to the body’s immune system, and the abnormal metabolism will make it difficult for you to adapt to the external environment. The immune system is unable to resist external influences and repair the body’s tissues to double its work. The more capacity that needs to be consumed, so people who stay up late need to pay attention.

The brain, which requires a lot of energy in order to function properly body functions, people who stay up late for a long time will have a slow brain response, memory loss and other problems, staying up late will seriously affect the use of the brain, so if you are the boss, it is recommended that you do not let employees work overtime for too long, or that will definitely affect the results of the work. Generally people eat at night if you go to bed at about ten o’clock, are not need a snack, but if you work late, or to watch a ball game, then you will certainly eat again, and this time is undoubtedly to your stomach to add to the burden.

Often stay up late and work overtime to keep your body healthy?

A. Before staying up late

Supplemental protein: before staying up late, friends can eat some fish, muscle, with vegetables, balanced nutrition, to avoid staying up late too much energy consumption leads to overeating.

Proper nap: 30 minutes to 1 hour nap at noon during the day, help to relieve the tiredness of staying up late.

Second, stay up late in the night

Drink more water: don’t drink strong tea or strong coffee! To drink more water in order to timely let the body replenish water, from this day metabolism, lemon water, honey water are very good.

Reasonable additional meals: hungry in the middle of the night, must not eat instant noodles, it is recommended to fruit, bread, porridge, small dishes to fill the hunger, do not eat too greasy, too raw and cold, so as not to eat silt in the abdomen, difficult to digest.

Correct sitting posture: the wrong sitting posture can cause various pain problems in the neck and lower back. The correct sitting posture is as far as possible against the back of the chair, the back of the knee and the sitting surface to leave a fist-sized distance, legs parallel to the ground, wrists and desktop to maintain the level of the conditions, you can choose to meet the ergonomic requirements of the computer desk, computer chair, computer chair.

Proper relaxation: after working for an hour in front of the computer, to be able to take time to get up and move, stretch, relax the spine, look away or do eye exercises, so that the tired eyes get a moment’s rest. When you get up early, you can use the tea bags you drank to compress your eyes for a moment.

Third, after staying up late

Control the time to make up for sleep: many friends after staying up late, will immediately hold the head to sleep, sleep for 12 hours, but wake up drowsy, very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to control the time to make up for sleep, so that the body can be lightly relaxed.

Light diet: After staying up late, you need to ensure the supply of vitamins, proteins and fibers, try to fill up with fruits, bread, light porridge and small dishes, and a light diet will help to restore your health.

Appropriate exercise: stay up late will make people feel weak, appropriate exercise can alleviate muscle and bone strength aging trend.

The above is for you to introduce the often stay up late overtime on the body what impact and white-collar stay up late how to health care good related content, I hope it will help you. In a word, regular late night and overtime will have great harm to health, but also affect the skin health, accelerate aging, so try to stay up less, to protect adequate sleep, if you have to work late, but also in accordance with the above methods to do, can reduce the harm.

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