Swimming is a good choice for the elderly to exercise

How to exercise for the elderly? Every senior citizen wants to have a healthy body, and a healthy senior citizen is not only their greatest blessing, but also the greatest blessing for a family. Once the elderly have health problems, the family will be busy, so that the children follow the difficult fire. So how the elderly fitness, today I bring you suitable for the elderly swimming fitness.

The elderly swimming exercise should not be too frequent, each time no more than 1 hour, 3 times a week. Although swimming is a very good way to exercise, in the process of exercise without weight, especially good for the protection of the knee. But for patients with coronary heart disease, do not swim for too long, in general, a long time swimming will cause tachycardia and muscle strain, which leads to dizziness, chest tightness. The water temperature should be appropriate.

In addition, the water temperature is too cold, will cause the skin vasoconstriction, skin color is pale; in the water after a certain period of time, the body surface blood flow expansion, the skin from pale to light red, skin body from cold to warm; stay too long, body temperature heat dispersion than heat, skin goose bumps and chills phenomenon. For patients with coronary heart disease, these reactions can cause dramatic changes in the amount of return blood, this stimulation may be fatal, so choose the right place and time to swim, as well as the appropriate water temperature, to avoid unnecessary risks.

There are many ways and means of aerobic exercise for the elderly, in addition to swimming, cycling, tai chi, brisk walking,: sweating slightly during exercise, mild respiratory acceleration but does not affect the conversation, a sense of comfort in the morning when you get up, no persistent fatigue and other discomfort.

How to exercise for the elderly, the above is a small part of the elderly in swimming what to pay attention to, although swimming is a good aerobic exercise, for the health of the elderly also has great benefits, but must pay attention to the elderly swimming to do their best, each time the time is not too long, once the feeling of tiredness or other physical discomfort should be stopped in time.

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