How does the body change when you stop smoking?

With the development of the society and economy, it brings more and more stress to people, and this time most people will smoke to relieve stress, but only for a short time to relax. In addition, some people smoke not because of stress, but because they feel handsome, but we need to be aware that cigarettes contain a lot of tar, nicotine and other harmful substances, which are highly carcinogenic.

Since smoking for a long time is very damaging to the body, it is imperative to quit smoking. What happens to the body when you stop smoking?

First, the brain starts to become active

Researchers have found that the cerebral cortex is thicker in people who have never smoked compared to smokers, which is important for thinking skills. Once smokers quit, the cerebral cortex gradually regains its previous thickness, which is very beneficial to brain health.

Second, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

After quitting smoking for 20 minutes, the heart rate and blood pressure are normal, and after quitting smoking for 8 hours, the concentration of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood is halved and the oxygen concentration returns to normal.

And after quitting smoking for 5 years, the risk of stroke can be reduced to a similar level as non-smokers, and the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced after quitting smoking for 15 years.

Third, produce the symptoms of smoking addiction

Tobacco addiction is due to the prolonged effects of nicotine, which generally may cause chest tightness, nausea, and dizziness when people start smoking.

If the smoking time is long and the nicotine in the blood reaches a certain concentration, it will repeatedly affect the brain and make various organs dependent on nicotine. Therefore, people who have just quit smoking will not have enough willpower to control their addiction, and quitters are likely to feel the feeling of scratching their heart and scratching their liver.

Fourth, lung function begins to return to normal

There is no doubt that smoking affects lung function, but after quitting smoking, the lungs can gradually modify themselves, especially the pulmonary cilia, the brushes of the lungs, which undertake the cleaning of the lungs. Normally, they will start to repair themselves after a few days of quitting smoking, which is the reason for coughing when you quit smoking.

Fifth, the mouth gradually healthy

The World Health Organization has made relevant calculations that the damage of smoking to the oral cavity is mainly manifested in three areas – periodontal disease, bad breath and cancer.

If you smoke for a long time, the residue in your teeth and mouth will multiply many bacteria, bacteria and toxic chemicals mixed together.

In the long run, more and more viruses enter the body and damage human health, while when you stop smoking you will notice a gradual whitening of your teeth, smooth breathing and a reduced risk of oral diseases.

The changes that occur in the body when you stop smoking are well understood, but it is difficult to quit smoking, and you should know some ways to help you quit if necessary.

1. Smoking cessation medication

Standard use of smoking cessation medications can treat physical dependence and reduce withdrawal symptoms (such as anxiety and irritability) to improve the success rate of quitting.

Many clinical trials have shown that varenicline is significantly better than existing therapeutic drugs in the treatment of tobacco dependence, and that it can effectively control withdrawal symptoms and the need to smoke, reduce the pleasure of smoking, and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

2„ÄĀBehavior modification

Consciously changing the habits associated with smoking in daily life, replacing smoking with other behaviors, and diverting attention in the process is a good option. Especially if you really want to smoke, you can divert your attention by exercising, listening to music, or playing games.

Smoking is very harmful, and it can be difficult to quit. It is necessary to be clear at this time that the function of all parts of the body can be gradually restored as the time to quit smoking increases. In fact, sometimes the quitters themselves can feel the changes in their bodies, and the sooner they quit smoking, the healthier their bodies can be.

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