What is better for the elderly to eat with heavy dampness?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to their own health and maintenance, and the elderly are no exception. For the elderly, as they grow older, their body functions are gradually on the decline, and their physical quality will also be reduced to a certain extent. Many elderly people find themselves heavy dampness, want to adjust through dietary therapy, so what is better for the elderly to eat heavy dampness, what tea is better to drink?

The elderly people can eat heavy dampness can be alleviated by eating coronary artery. Coronaria coronarium eliminates food and appetite, facilitates the internal organs; clears the blood and nourishes the heart, moistens the lungs and dissolves phlegm; facilitates urination and lowers blood pressure. The aromatic essential oil in Chrysanthemum coronarium is easily volatile when exposed to heat, so it should be stir-fried with high heat. It is good for people who have poor gastrointestinal function. Stir-fry with meat, eggs and other meat dishes to improve the utilization of vitamin A.

Elderly people with heavy dampness can eat amaranth to relieve it. Amaranth has the ability to clear heat and detoxify the body, stop bleeding, reduce inflammation and swelling, and treat dysentery. It is also useful in treating dysentery caused by dampness and heat, as well as dysgeusia caused by inflammation of the liver. Amaranth can be cooked in soup or stir-fried, but it is better to blanch it in boiling water to remove its astringency and then cook it in a pot. Amaranth can be stir-fried and eaten with a calm taste, but it can be eaten in soup to clear heat.

Elderly people can eat water chestnuts to relieve dampness. Water chestnut contains starch, protein, fat and many kinds of vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Water chestnut is crisp and tasty, raw and fried, and is a good fruit for treating high blood pressure.

Elderly people with heavy dampness can eat black fungus to relieve it. Black fungus has anti-platelet aggregation and anti-coagulation effects, which can reduce blood coagulation, prevent thrombosis and delay the occurrence and development of atherosclerosis. The polysaccharides in black fungus can also lower lipids. Take 15 grams of black fungus in soup or stir-fry daily.

What tea is better for the elderly with heavy dampness

Elderly people with heavy dampness can drink green tea. Green tea is not fermented, not fermented is not oxidized, the maximum retention of the original taste of fresh leaves, tea in the caffeine, tea polyphenols and other components are almost retained. Therefore, people with heavy dampness may want to drink more green tea, such as Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Xinyang Mao Jian are good green tea taste. Green tea is cold, so should not drink more and longer drink.

The elderly dampness can drink red beans and barley tea. Red bean and barley tea is sweet and slightly cold in nature, beneficial to water and swelling, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, soothe the tendons and remove paralysis, clear heat and detoxification and other effects. It is best to brew a cup an hour after the meal, while enjoying the leisure time after the meal and let the fragrance of tea spread around.

Elderly people with heavy dampness can drink oolong tea. Most people with heavy dampness are not very good spleen and stomach function, so you can choose oolong tea and other warm nourishing stomach tea to drink, although the effect of dampness is not as good as green tea, but long drink or have the effect.

The elderly can drink jasmine tea. If you like the fresh taste of flower tea, you can also drink jasmine tea, because flower tea with green tea as the bottom, diuretic effect is also good.

The above is a small compilation of what to drink what tea is better for the elderly dampness, through the above understanding, we know that the elderly in life if you feel their body dampness, you can eat more such as coronary, amaranth, black fungus and so on, in addition to drink green tea, oolong tea, red beans and barley tea to relieve.

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