What is the problem of back acne and how to solve the problem of back acne?

The back of the acne situation, I believe most people have experienced, for such a situation to pay attention to do a good job of prevention, timely improvement can reduce the appearance of back acne. For the appearance of acne, it will make the back itchy, especially when bathing, for the back acne to pay attention to, timely and good cleaning is necessary. So, what happened to the back often acne? How to solve the problem of acne on the back? Here’s a look at it together.

Back often acne is what happened

Cause 1. The back is the reflex area of the lungs, back acne and lung health has an important relationship. If the lung heat occurs or the meridians are not smooth, it will easily cause the problem of back acne.

Cause 2. When it comes to the summer heat, people sweat too much, clothes attached to the back breeding bacteria and not diligently changed and washed, it is easy to cause back acne.

Reason 3. The sheets are placed for a long time to accumulate dust, and when we rest in bed will bring these dust to the skin, the skin is exposed to bacteria for a long time, it is easy to cause bacterial infection and generate acne.

Reason 4. After the shower if you do not dry the body moisture, absorbed by clothes, is also very easy to breed bacteria, and cause the growth of acne. The body is not cleaned, and the residue on the body, and cause the growth of acne.

How to solve the problem of back acne

Method 1: Use sterilizing detergents

Back acne may be caused by the growth of bacteria. So usually pay attention to personal hygiene and change your clothes regularly. It is recommended to use hygienic detergents with antiseptic ingredients to sterilize the body. It is recommended to often use hot water for bathing, because hot water can be effective.

Method 2: Diligent cleaning of bedding

Bedding used for a long time not to clean, it will breed mites. Therefore, we need to clean it regularly, preferably by using sunlight exposure. The sunlight can make the moisture in our quilts evaporate, when the quilts become fluffy and soft, more warm. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can also effectively sterilize. If you do not have enough light in the room, it is time to use ultraviolet light sterilization or mugwort, celery and other fumigation sterilization.

Method 3: Light diet

The usual diet should be light. Usually should eat less or avoid eating spicy food, more fruits and vegetables, meat. Usually drink more water, water can promote metabolism, detoxification and skin care.

Method 4: diligent change of clothes

As the back of the secretion of oil and shedding of dander most of them will remain in our intimate clothing, so it is necessary to change and wash often. Pillowcases, bed sheets, covers and other bedding are also easy to breed mites, and often in contact with our skin, so they should also be cleaned regularly. And wearing sweat-absorbing, breathable clothing that allows the back to ventilate and breathe can help reduce the symptoms of back acne.

Method 5: Good eating habits

Improper diet can also lead to back acne, such as the frequent consumption of some greasy, spicy, fried and other foods. For this situation, you should pay attention to reduce or avoid these foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. You should also eat more coarse grains, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and some seafood and other foods, cooking as light as possible.

Method 6: Maintain proper ventilation in the room

Ventilation if the indoor environment is too dry or too humid, it is easy to affect the sebum secretion and pores smoothly, inducing back acne.

Through the above introduction, I believe we will have a new understanding of the back acne, for such a situation to pay attention to do a good job of timely improvement. Usually, you should also develop healthy habits, the causes of induced acne are many, we must actively respond, so that you can reduce the impact on the back acne. Well, that’s all for today’s introduction, I hope it can help you.

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