How to relieve the hazards of prolonged sitting?

For white-collar workers, sedentary has become a norm, they almost eight hours a day at work are sitting in front of the computer, except for the necessary time to go to the toilet, there is almost nothing to get up and walk around, so white-collar class of people are very easy to get sick, because long-term sedentary words will bring great harm to health, such as the following, so sit for a period of time to get up Walk a little to do. How to alleviate the problem of sedentary?

What are the hazards of sedentary to the body?

How long is considered sedentary: in general, sitting more than 5 days a week, more than 8 hours a day, or maintain a sitting position for more than 2 hours, these two situations are called “sedentary”. In other words, even if you get up every 30 minutes to change your posture, but if you sit for more than 40 hours a week, it is considered sedentary! Sedentary will have the following hazards.

1, increase the risk of heart disease

Sitting for a long time will lead to a slowing down of blood flow, the body of fatty acids are constantly deposited on the blood vessels, which causes the blood viscosity to increase, over time it is easy to coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, and may lead to sudden heart attack, mortality rate of up to 70%.

2, causing hemorrhoids

Sitting for a long time can easily lead to increased pressure in the body’s rectal veins, and sitting for a long time in one position can lead to pressure gathering in a certain area, which can lead to the slow expansion of the thin walls of the veins around the rectum, resulting in congestion and causing hemorrhoids.

3, memory loss

Sitting will cause blood circulation to slow down, resulting in blood not being able to properly supply the brain, the human brain is injured memory will be diminished, no normal blood supply, the brain will suffer a lot of damage.

4, tendons and bones are damaged

When sitting for a long time to maintain a posture when the person’s lumbar discs and joints are in a state of rigidity, the muscles will also become stiff, when moving can feel the pain of soreness. When sitting for a long time without any movement, the blood is not smooth, and usually without any movement, over time will naturally lead to muscle relaxation, tendons and bones problems, many people will also appear lower limb swelling such a more serious situation.

5, cervical spondylosis

Sedentary people’s head is in a forward-flexed position, when the blood vessels in the neck will be compressed, and the muscles in this part will also be tense, when the blood circulation is not smooth, the brain will not have sufficient blood and oxygen, causing problems in this part, the cervical spine will slowly become stiff.

6, injury to reproductive capacity

For women, sedentary so that menstrual blood can not flow in a timely manner, prone to dysmenorrhea.

For men, sedentary will affect the blood circulation of the prostate gland, easily causing chronic congestion of the prostate gland, which in turn induces prostatitis.

How to relieve the problem of long-term sedentary?

1, correct sitting posture is very important

The hips touch the back of the chair, the back is straight, the keyboard is placed directly in front of the body, when using the keyboard and mouse, as far as possible to keep the wrist straight, the shoulders relaxed.

2, move: relieve muscle tension

Every hour you sit should move, you can sit and bend, lift the shoulders or do a deep breathing, to relieve muscle tension. However, it is recommended to get up and walk around.

3, Tiptoe: prevent varicose veins

Sitting still for a long time can easily lead to soreness and weakness in the lower limbs, and for this situation, you may want to tiptoe from time to time. Because tiptoe when the contraction of the calf muscle squeeze, can promote the lower extremity blood reflux, accelerate blood circulation, to prevent varicose veins.

4, Single leg lift: exercise thigh quadriceps

Sit in a hard, backrest chair, contract the abdomen, lift one leg until it is sore, and then switch to the other leg. This method can make the thighs rarely involved in the exercise of the quadriceps muscle to get exercise.

5, walking backwards: exercise back muscles

Walking backwards can exercise the waist and back muscles that are rarely used, sedentary people can also try the combination of walking and walking backwards.

6, leg clip bottle: exercise around the knee muscles

Both legs open 1 fist width, clip the bottle, lift the heel to maintain two minutes. This action can exercise the muscles around the knee.

7, feet pillow: help blood flow back

Before going to bed bubble feet, in bed to feet pad a pillow, can promote blood circulation, help blood reflux, improve lower limb edema. But heart patients should not be used.

The above is the introduction of sedentary harm how much do you understand and how to alleviate the problem of sedentary content, I hope it will help you. In short, sedentary harm to people, should avoid the problem of sedentary, if you have to go to work because of long-term sedentary, may wish to do more small exercises at work, not only will not affect the work, but also to ensure physical health.

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